We are experts in cloud and software, so we focus mainly on things that help us to design better systems.

Focus on the language

Let's just systems emerge

When it comes to developing cloud - base software, the emergence of JAMSTACK , the maturity of Javascript, and the community of developers convince us Javascript is the best language for this matter.


Business Development

Sometimes businesses need to understand their business or use scripts better and building flows for this matter. In this regard, we use python and its fascinating libraries for using AI-Learning methods for getting better insights.


Fast Apps on Any Device

We use flutter and dart for the application development, although we use other integrations for A/B testing or notification as we describe thatintegration is the key.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding pre-vetted freelancers and professional product managers, we understand your needs entirely and help you implement the best innovative software solution for your company and save your time and money. Also, you would not face any problem scaling, as we are your companion alongside your growth.
We would be happy if our clients think they have found the solution, and they could easily hire their team and manage them directly. As we say, our mission is your growth. We established a dedicated team for some of our clients after releasing some version of their software to be glad about it.
Our vetting process consists of three steps; Collecting and Filtering, Minor collaboration, and Assessment and Manipulation. In each step, we filter software engineers based on their skills and classified them. If you need more information about how is the vetting process, tap here.